KnowSys Learning Seminar,
a field-tested classroom instructional system:
what makes a learning organization?

graphic of three direction of
            thinking in the learning organization

This picture overlays the three directions of thinking
in the learning organization on display fields
for documenting systemic functions:
creative, adaptive, and reactive thinking.

The designer led a three-session classroom event to field test
the KnowSys Learning Seminar
for members of a public agency in the State of Washington.

Learner Guide Files:

(12 pp.) Preview -- KnowSys Learning Seminar
(04 pp.) Batch D
(04 pp.) Batch R
(04 pp.) Batch W
(06 pp.) Adapting the Root Beer Game
(12 pp.) Audit Recommendations for the Learning Organization
(24 pp.) Practice -- Visual Information Field Displays
(24 pp.) Answers for Practice -- Contact webmaster to access this file.
(56 pp.) Adviser ~Book
(26 pp.) Helper ~Book
(52 pp.) Librarian ~Book
(36 pp.) Tutor ~Book

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