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Professional Graphoanalysis Resume

Graphoanalysis Services

Graphoanalysis objectively interprets direct data from your brain and central nervous system.
Handwriting is "brain" writing.

You can order the following Graphoanalysis reports about a sample of handwriting:

Business reports (click to see details and fees)

Identification of job-related traits

Ranking job prospects' writing samples

Job compatibility

Personal reports (click to see details and fees)

Personality traits survey

Compatibility study

Memo about Graphoanalysis Services

Constraints about analyzing a handwriting sample:

A Graphoanalyst has no basis for determining these four facts:

1. handedness of the writer (whether left-handed or right-handed)
2. physical age of the writer (but emotional age, yes)
3. gender of the writer, or
4. future behaviors of the writer.

Mail your handwriting samples, SASE, and payment to:

KnowSys, Inc.
   1774 Seacrest Drive
   Lummi Island WA 98262

Graphoanalysis Worksheet

This worksheet lists possible personality indicators that may appear in a specific handwriting sample.
A Graphoanalyst uses this worksheet to prepare your report.

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