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About this website

KnowBiz.biz is the official Web site for information about services of KnowSys, Inc.
KnowSys, Inc., offers writing services to business professionals.

Managing Knowledge

KnowBiz.biz puts your professional knowledge
out there for the rest of us to share, prize, and understand
... the first time we see it.

Fractal model

   This diagram shows how KnowSys applies a fractal model
to construct a knowledge system as a set of progressively larger modules
of information that are nested and reusable.

fractal graphic

  This construct displays how your brain organizes and stores information:
Each module has 7-to-9 chunks or bits of information, a limit imposed by short-term memory.
Each module or chunk (red/blue bits) introduces its own content, purpose, and origin.

See examples of structured documents.

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