Examples of Structured Documents

Applying concepts, principles, and guidelines of KnowSys

   Structured documents are very cost-effective.
   Why? because you help each reader find and apply important content quickly.
   When you need to update and maintain content, then
    you change only a few modules and leaves the main content intact.

    Look at these examples of structured documents, and see for yourself.

    You can do this, too. You can also delegate to an expert!

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(04 pp) Recent Research about Thinking and Feeling Original version

(08 pp) KnowSys version Same content as above article, but structured

(01 pp) KnowSys Template for MSWord Microsoft users' shortcut to create document files

(17 pp) KnowSys_OpenOffice_Template OpenOffice users' shortcut to create document files

(01 p ) Sample Structured Document Self-referring structured writing, includes embedded note*
            If note does not display, then save downloaded file as *.pdf to view embedded note.

(09 pp) ProPower seminar excerpt Includes comments about structured proposal features*
            If notes do not display, then save downloaded file as *.pdf to view embedded notes

(10 pp) Clustering - Pre-writing activity Excerpt from validated course, The Competent Instructor

(44 pp) Plan and write successful proposals Print-format version of ProPower ToolBook

(58 pp) KnowSys seminar - Adviser Book Apply options and guidelines to write documents

(22 pp) KnowSys seminar - Helper Book Apply KnowSys functions & actions to documentation

(50 pp) KnowSys seminar - Librarian Book KnowSys model for thinking and writing

(36 pp) KnowSys seminar - Tutor Book Use templates to document actions and knowledge

(14 pp) Improving Human Performance (pdf)

(14 pp) Improving Human Performance (MSWord) Download print version of unavailable IHP ToolBook

(34 pp) Where do we start? Prioritize situations, solve problems, decide, create effective plans

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