The Competent Instructor

process graphic
The KnowSys model applies to all phases of the design process
of this instructional system, validated for a world-wide aerospace company.
Note: The innovative Learner Guide includes only 23 of its original 59 files.
Examine the Table of Contents to see the complete Learner Guide, as used in a classroom training course.

The print versions of The Competent Instructor files are all structured documents
that apply concepts, principles, and guidelines of the KnowSys ISD model.

ISD = Instructional Systems Design

Learner Guide Files

(02 pp) Table of Contents

(02 pp) Index

(06 pp) Agendas

(04 pp) Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram - Worksheet

(03 pp) Becoming Consciously Competent

(01 pp) The Learning Zone

(01 pp) Conducting a Whole Lesson

(14 pp) Effective Lesson Elements

(02 pp) Lesson Outline 1 - Developing Analogies

(03 pp) Lesson Plan 1 Folding a Paper Hat

(03 pp) Lesson Plan 2 Clustering

(04 pp) Instructional Objective defined

(03 pp) Concept Definitions

(01 pp) Pencil Defined

(08 pp) Analogy - Physical vs. Abstract

(02 pp) How To Develop Analogies

(09 pp) Creating Developmental Questions

(01 pp) Evaluating Initial Instruction

(01 pp) Guidelines for Planning Lessons

(02 pp) The Modeling Process

(01 pp) Instructing Using Modeling Proc

(05 pp) Observing Learning Events

(02 pp) Sequencing Learning Events

(02 pp) Task Instruction Input

Facilitator Guide Files

(12 pp) Course Description

(01 pp) Equipment and Materials List

(01 pp) Set Up for Learning Space

(02 pp) Viewgraphs

(01 pp) Preview of Facilitator Guide

(27 pp) Facilitator Guide--1 page layout

(74 pp) Facilitator Guide--2 page layout

(09 pp) Before-course Questions

(07 pp) Before-course Model Answers

(05 pp) End-of-course Questions

(03 pp) After-course Survey

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